Easter Bunny makes courtesy call to White House briefing room

Easter Bunny makes courtesy call to White House briefing room


  • Dressed as the Easter Bunny, a White House aide came by at the White House briefing room on Monday afternoon and distributed Easter eggs and candies to the media people.
  • The person behind the costume was White House’s message planning director Meghan Hays.
  • The multi-colored Easter eggs had President Joe Biden’s and First Lady Jill Biden’s signatures.

During a typical White House briefing on Monday, a White House staffer dressed as the Easter Bunny made a visit and gave 2021 Easter eggs and candies to reporters.

Wearing a face mask and a purple-colored apron-looking dress, the Easter Bunny walked at the front of the briefing room and distributed Easter goodies to the media personnel.

“We have a special guest. I will say that we know that this is one of the events where people get to take their children, family members, friends to,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki said as the Easter Bunny stepped inside the podium. 

“It’s not quite the same. We’ll do a big one next year, but we still wanted to have a visitor and some special commemorative Easter eggs for all of you from the president and first lady,” Psaki continued.

In a Twitter post later on Monday, White House director of message planning Meghan Hays revealed that she played the Easter Bunny. 

“Is this what they mean when they say ‘other duties as assigned’?!” she joked.

A member of the media asked Psaki if the Easter Bunny costume was the one previously used by former President Donald Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer. Spicer wore an identical mascot during his White House tenure with former President George W. Bush.

“It does not look similar but we’ll have to fact-check that for you,” Psaki responded. “Different eyelashes.”

Later the same day, the White House confirmed that the costume used by Spicer was different from Hays’ suit.

The eggs were multicolored, with a picture of a rabbit with a facemask on the front and signatures of the First couple at the back.

Source: The Hill

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