Elderly man dies after woman shoves him off a bus for asking her to “be nicer”

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  • So much uncontrolled rage in too many people. The Left’s rage and hate-filled obsession with conservatives, minorities with white people who DARE to challenge them in any way, shape or form, etc. This world is truly spiraling down into a negative pool of debasement and vulgarity. Tattoos on women, women who don’t dress or act feminine, men who have no notable measure of testosterone, young adults with no hope for the future over the absolute hoax that is climate change, the rise of socialism…please, somebody, stop me. Remind me of the good things out there.

    • There is still a beautiful world, with kind, generous, positive people who love God and love the people He has created. It is up to us to be those people. To encourage, help, and pray for the unhappy, negative ones and to overcome evil with good.;

    • Why? You obviously have your mind made up on the state of society. The woman who pushed Mr. Fournier is obviously in need of many things for doing such a despicable act. But blaming it on tattoos, hoaxes that aren’t hoaxes and less than feminine dress is on the way far right of wrong.

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