Elderly woman in UK survives two days by eating soil


  • In the UK, a 91-year-old woman named Rosemary Frank passed out in her bedroom after taking a fall. To survive, she ate the soil of her potted plant.
  • She was six hours away from being lifeless before being discovered by a voluntary driver.
  • Frank said that doctors found “soil in my stomach so I must have eaten some in desperation to try and stay alive.”

According to The Mirror, a 91-year-old woman in the UK got stranded in her bedroom for two days after falling to the ground. She survived for eating the soil of her potted plant.

The news outlet reported that Rosemary Frank, 91, was about six hours from death as doctors noted before she got rescued on October 13.

Fortunately, Derek Crowdy, a volunteer driver whom she regularly calls to give her a ride to a hair salon, planned to check on her when she did not respond despite scheduling a lift.

“It was unusual for Mrs. Frank to arrange a lift and not use it, so I popped over to check on her,” he said. 

“There was no response, so I knocked on the neighbors’ door to see if anyone had a key. Eventually, I found someone who did have one, and we went over to the house together.”

Frank, who was severely dehydrated and had obtained wrist fracture, was rushed to Worcestershire Royal Hospital, the Mirror reported.

She said she remembered waking up in a pile of dirt after eating soil from her Madagascan Dragon Tree.

“The last thing I remember was speaking with my daughter Caroline in Canada on Sunday night. The next thing I know it was Tuesday and I was in a hospital.”

“They found soil in my stomach so I must have eaten some in desperation to try and stay alive,” she continued. “The plant was a gift from my son, so I’m obviously very grateful for it.”

After staying for one and a half weeks at the hospital, Frank is back again at her residence. She is being nursed by her son Richard.

“I’m still a bit unsteady on my feet but I feel much better and don’t need to use my walking frame as much,” she said.

Richard, 60, said that she gave the plant to his mother just days before the incident happened.

“It was recently re-potted, otherwise it would have been dry as anything. We think she might have eaten it just to try and get any nutrients and moisture into her as she was so dehydrated,” he said.

“When you’re six hours away from death, I imagine you’ll resort to anything. It’s incredible really but Derek is really the life-saver here, not my plant,” he added.

In response, Crowdy said that he just did what needs to be done.

“I don’t see what I did as a big thing. It is what, I hope, anyone would have done. I am just relieved that Mrs. Frank is recovering well.”

Source: New York Post

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