Elon Musk confesses he’s an alien in Twitter exchange


  • When asked how he’s able to manage his companies, Elon Musk made a comical yet straightforward response: “I’m an alien.”
  • Netizens on Twitter unleashed different bizarre theories in reply to his confession.
  • In one previous footage, though, he debunked claims that he was indeed an out-of-this-world being.

In a Twitter response to one netizen on Friday, Elon Musk said that he was “an alien,” which’s why he can multi-task and do various things simultaneously.

“What I want to really understand: how does he do it? How does he manage context switching? How does he design his Org? So many questions,” Tech start-up tycoon Kunah Shah wrote on Twitter.

He then tagged the world’s richest man, writing “@elonmusk: answer if you see this, dark lord.”

Musk responded, saying he was “an alien.”

Netizens seemed to have ridden with the 49-year-old’s joke as they threw wild and hilarious speculations in relation to Musk’s SpaceX company.

One Twitter follower responded: “Is that why you’re building a Spaceship … to get back to your home planet?”

Another user also commented: “Coincidence that Elon said on Rogan that Aliens could just make themselves known if they wanted to? I like this not-so-subtle approach.”

“I knew it from the beginning that’s why you wanna go back your home (Mars),” a third user suggested.

During the World Government Summit in April 2019, Musk was recorded talking about extraterrestrial beings.

“I think this is one of the great questions in physics and philosophy, is where are the aliens? Maybe they’re among us I don’t know. Some people think I’m an alien. Not true, not true,” the mogul was heard saying in the clip.

The footage was a response to his admission of being an alien, with a caption, “Hey @elonmusk here you said that you’re not an alien, now you have a different statement… So, what’s the truth?”

Source: Daily Star

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