Elon Musk’s “There are UFOs” tweet sparks social media frenzy


  • Elon Musk rehashed the debate about the existence of UFOs and alien civilizations when he casually tweeted that “there are UFOs.”
  • His comments came just as Congress is investigating a mystery craft detected by the US military.
  • The military has recently released a report on mysterious flying objects and the Pentagon also declared that it didn’t rule out the existence of aliens.

The debate on whether UFOs are real and whether there are other alien civilizations out there has been sparked once again when Elon Musk casually stated his belief that “there are UFOs.”

Just three months ago, the Pentagon released the long-awaited report on mysterious flying objects encountered by the military over the past decades. The bombshell report had the military declare that it didn’t rule out the existence of aliens.

Musk casually mentioned UFOs while talking about an entirely different topic: how a Tesla feature allows it to avoid obstacles.

He tweeted, “In principle, even if a UFO crashed on the road right in front of you, it would still avoid the debris.” He then followed it up with, “I’m not saying there are UFOs … but there are UFOs.”

The SpaceX CEO’s matter-of-fact statement sparked a debate on the social media platform, asking him if he has more information.

One commenter speculated, “With all the SpaceX flights you did…I’m pretty sure you have tons of Monitors into a Dark Room where you keep watching the classified images your cameras get. But the question is: Does NASA monitor it as well?”

“Release the secrets Elon. Life is too short,” the person urged him.

Musk clarified earlier this year that he has not seen any evidence of aliens: “I have seen nothing to indicate that there is any alien civilization whatsoever. I’d be the first to jump on that in a second, but I’ve seen no such evidence.”

He also joined a discussion on the voice-chatting app Clubhouse, where he mentioned arguments about the likelihood of other consciousness existing outside Mars. He then added that he was “pretty sure he would know about it”.

Still, he believes that there could be “dead civilizations” out in space.

The upcoming FY 2022 National Defense Authorization Act calls for the establishment of a permanent office that will address UFOs — a monumental shift in the stance of the US government which had always denied their existence.

A couple of UFO sightings recently occurred near the International Space Station during a live feed, which further sparked new alien conspiracy theories.

One the same day, “high-speed” objects and an unusual white, cylinder-shaped device were spotted hovering near the ISS.

The two sightings were included in a clip uploaded to YouTube by user MrMBB333. The video was titled, “Ok, something is CLEARLY roaming the skies of this planet!”


Source: The U.S. Sun

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