English translation of ‘Macarena’ song shocks young netizens

English translation of ‘Macarena’ song shocks young netizens


  • One TikTok user revealed that the famous pop dance song ‘Macarena’ was actually a dirty song.
  • The famous song by Los Del Rio was about a woman named ‘Macarena’ who had a threesome with two of his boyfriend’s best friends.
  • TikTok observers were shocked about what they just learned.

Did you know that the lyrics behind the famous 90’s song Macarena was something that is not for kids?

The popular song that became a dance craze in the last three decades was actually a naughty, obscene thing.

During a TikTok session, User @peakay81 was asked by a netizen about the songs his followers listened to when they were young. He recalled an old song and eventually realized that it was “really dirty.” He referred to the nostalgic song by the pop-duo Los Del Rio.

“You’re never going to believe this,” he said. “So do you know the Macarena song that goes,” as he sang to the song’s tune.

“It is about a woman whose boyfriend is about to join the army,” @peakay81 said. “And she, when he’s away, has a threesome with his two best mates.”

“No joke, google it… What the F***,” he continued.

Here’s a part of the Spanish song that was translated into English, per the Huffington Post.

Give your body joy, Macarena

Because your body is meant to be given joy and good things…

Macarena has a boyfriend who is named

Who is named with the last name Vitorino

And while he was being sworn in as a conscript

She’s giving it to two friends

The song was about a beautiful woman named Macarena. His boyfriend went to the military and she cheated on him by making out with two other male friends.

Netizens were in awe of the revelation.

“How am I supposed to dance the Macarena again with this info,” one user said.

“Thanks, you ruined my childhood,” another user wrote.

“You just ruined my 22 years of fun and innocence,” a third commenter noted.

Source: Intheknow.com

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