Ex-NFL player Jay Cutler loses UberEats ad deal due to anti-masking views


  • Former NFL player Jay Cutler shared on Twitter that he lost an UberEats ad deal due to his anti-masking views.
  • Recently, Cutler teased a school board run and has promoted against masking policies in schools.
  • An Uber spokesperson said they “prefer to partner with those who support” all the work Uber has done to help people get vaccinated.

Former NFL player Jay Cutler says he lost an advertising partnership with Uber Eats over his views about wearing masks.

“Lost a commercial with Uber eats partnering with the NFL,” Cutler, who played in the NFL from 2006 to 2017, tweeted Friday. “Was going to film in LA, ‘views aren’t aligned.’ Guess they don’t like future School board members. Frees up my weekend.”

In a statement to NBC News on Monday, an Uber spokesperson said: “We are proud of all the work Uber has done over the last year to help get as many people vaccinated as possible. As such, we prefer to partner with those who support that work.”

Cutler used his Twitter account to speak out against mask mandates for schoolchildren. He also hinted at running for a school board position in Tennessee, where he lives.

“Going to get back on Twitter. It’s been a long time,” Cutler tweeted Aug. 9. “Pretty sure Instagram is about to kick me off so I need a backup plan. Let’s do this”

The next day, Cutler tweeted his opposition to a mask mandate for Williamson County, Tennessee, schoolchildren.

Cutler tweeted Thursday that he had learned that the next local school board election is scheduled for 2024, adding that he needed to gather 100 signatures on a petition to run.

“Going to start getting John Hancocks today,” he wrote.

Source: Today

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