Ex-US special forces “confession” on coup airs on Venezuelan TV


  • A former US special forces soldier confessed in a video that he was hired to train and lead a group of mercenaries in a coup in Venezuela. 
  • In the video, he said that it was President Trump who commanded the man who hired him- ex Green-Beret Jordan Gourdeau. 
  • Trump says the US government had no involvement in the failed coup. 

On Wednesday, Venezuelan TV aired a so-called videotaped ‘confession’ where a former US special forces soldier said he was promised almost $100,000 to train and lead a mercenary army in a raid to capture the nation’s president, Nicolas Maduro, and take him back to the US.


During the botched attack in La Guaira, Luke Denman, 34, was taken into custody along with Airan Berry, 41, another former special forces member. 

Denman said that he was recruited in December by ex-Green Beret Jordan Goudreau. According to the video, Denman said he and Berry flew to Colombia on Jan. 16 to begin training up to 60 mercenaries in “planning, mission planning, and tactical work inside buildings.”

In the video, Denman said that for the operation, he was instructed to secure an airport in Caracas so they could get Maduro on a plane back to the US.

Goudreau took credit for the failed coup.

Denman answered saying “President Donald Trump” when asked who commanded “Jordan”.

Maduro hailed the video as a smoking gun that proved the White House was behind the raid. He introduced the video on Venezuela’s teleSUR-TV news network.

On Tuesday, Trump told reporters that they “just heard about it” and the US was not involved in the attack. 

Wednesday, a senior administration official told The Post, “Assertions to the contrary are not credible, and in fact, they are almost comical.” He also added, “A US operation would have looked much different.”

Source: New York Post

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