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Experts warn against dangerous spiders in storm-battered Australian cities [Video]




  • Due to the recent weather conditions that had raged over Australia in the past days, poisonous spiders are now coming out threatening the public.
  • Australian Reptile Park wildlife officials have advised the residents to watch out for funnel-web spiders because their sting is extremely venomous which can kill in 15 minutes.
  • Besides the weather, the arachnids are out, too looking for female spiders to mate with.

Following extreme weather and wildfires that have battered Australia in recent days, residents are now being warned of another natural threat: the Australian funnel-web spider which is one of the most venomous spiders for humans on the planet.

In a video on Tuesday by the Australian Reptile Park, reptile keeper Dan Rumsey said they are issuing a warning to the public that the recent wet weather conditions followed by hot days have increased activity in funnel-web spiders creating the perfect environment for these arachnids to thrive.

Watch the video below in FULL SCREEN.

Rumsey also added in the video that viewers should watch out for them as male funnel-web spiders will most likely be in search of female spiders. Since these spiders cannot climb over smooth surfaces, residents are advised to check their shoes and any open furniture placed on the grounds.

“Funnel-web spiders are potentially one of the most dangerous spiders on the planet in terms of a bite towards a human. So we have to treat it very, very seriously,” he cautioned.

The sting of a funnel-web spider can kill a human within 15 minutes. According to Queensland Museum arachnid curator, Dr. Robert Raven, the torso is the worst body part to be bitten. The spider’s fangs are very sharp that they can cut through fingernails.

Once a person is bitten, the park officials recommend quickly immobilizing the bite site, applying a heavy crepe or elastic roller bandage then immediately seek for medical treatment. Since the 1980s, nobody from Australia has so far died from being bitten by a funnel-web spider.

Furthermore, Rumsey has requested that whoever comes across these spiders to please bring them over to the Australian Reptile Park where researchers are working on making life-saving anti-venom to their bites.



Source: AOL.Com

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