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Explosive Entertainment: British MP’s Live Interview Upstaged by Buckingham Palace Blast [Video]



In a Nutshell:

  • British MP Jacob Rees-Mogg evacuated mid-interview during a live broadcast on GB News, as a controlled explosion took place near Buckingham Palace.
  • The Metropolitan Police carried out the controlled explosion after a 59-year-old man was arrested for throwing suspected shotgun cartridges into the palace grounds.
  • The incident occurred amidst preparations for King Charles III’s coronation, with media networks setting up camp outside the palace to cover the upcoming royal event.

In a scene straight out of a Monty Python sketch, the ever-eccentric Conservative Member of Parliament Jacob Rees-Mogg, known for his anachronistic charm, found himself hilariously interrupted during a live broadcast on GB News.

Rees-Mogg, the “honorable member for the 18th century,” was hosting his show outside Buckingham Palace when a controlled explosion sent shockwaves through his portable-cabin studio.

The impromptu pyrotechnics came courtesy of London’s Metropolitan Police, who were carrying out a safety exercise after a 59-year-old man threw what appeared to be shotgun cartridges into the palace grounds.

While the man was promptly arrested and no one was injured, Rees-Mogg was asked to evacuate mid-sentence during an interview with royal expert Michael Cole.

Ever the consummate professional, Rees-Mogg calmly told viewers, “I’m very sorry to say it is good evening from me for the time being,” before adding, “As I think that was a controlled explosion in the background. That’s what it sounded like to me. We will no doubt find out later.”


The bizarre incident has since gone viral, with social media users reveling in the sheer Britishness of it all.

One Twitter user commented, “There’s something uniquely British about this scene where Jacob Rees-Mogg continues in a calm manner whilst a controlled explosion is carried out near Buckingham Palace.”

Another quipped, “You can’t get anymore British than GB News Jacob Rees Mogg getting asked to evacuate while a controlled explosion happens outside Buckingham Palace.”

The controlled explosion occurred just days before King Charles III’s coronation on Saturday, with media networks setting up camp in the official “media village” outside the palace.

As preparations continue for the royal event, it seems the British penchant for blending the bizarre with the traditional is alive and well.

King Charles and Queen Camilla are set to make Buckingham Palace the coronation epicenter after their service at Westminster Abbey.

The royal couple will be transported in the opulent Gold State Coach, dating back to 1762, as they parade through Westminster and down The Mall.


Upon their arrival, King Charles and Queen Camilla will grace the palace balcony, a royal tradition that has marked many momentous occasions, including Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022.

While the controlled explosion and the ensuing media frenzy added an unexpected twist to the coronation preparations, it serves as a reminder that even amidst pomp and circumstance, the British spirit of keeping calm and carrying on prevails.

Source: Newsweek

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