Facebook bans picturesque canal over its naughty name


  • Facebook banned any mention of a scenic waterway in Norfolk because its name seems too naughty.
  • The picturesque Cockshoot Dyke fell victim to the platform’s imperfect algorithms.
  • An administrator of the Love the Norfolk Broads page said Facebook removed the content due to violence and sexual context.

What’s in a name?

Facebook recently banned any mention of a picturesque canal in Norfolk over its seemingly x-rated name.

The body of water in question is the Cockshoot Dyke, reportedly popular with the locals and tourists due to its scenic views. Facebook’s algorithms classified it as hate speech, disallowing the term because of violence and sexual context.

“They have put two and two together and got 58. You’ve got to laugh,” said Steve Burgess, administrator on the Love the Norfolk Broads Facebook page. “The irony is that you see so much that is really obscene or violent or sexual but nothing is done.”

“People found it hilarious, saying it should be called ‘the waterway that shall not be named,'” Burgess added.

Cockshoot Dyke isn’t the only victim of Facebook’s touchy moderation processes. Other victims include Plymouth Hoe in Devon and Devil’s Dyke in West Sussex.

Source: The Sun

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