Falling debris from United Airlines Flight 328 captured on doorbell camera


  •  A doorbell camera caught a video of the moment a piece of plane debris crashed into the ground from the sky.
  • Despite debris crashing in several places around Broomfield, Denver, no one was injured.
  • There is no speculation yet as to what may have caused the fiery engine failure of United Airlines Flt. 328.

Doorbell cameras can add that extra bit of security to your home. They’ve also been responsible for a lot of wholesome and cute videos that have been going around the internet.

However, this doorbell camera managed to capture a shocking moment in suburban Colorado. The Nest camera installed in Mark Moskovic’s home in Broomfield, Denver was able to record a piece of debris from United Airlines’ stricken Flt. 328 falling from the sky and crashing just several feet from a parked car. The debris fell down hard enough to bounce a few feet in the air before settling to a stop on the road.

A few seconds later, a louder crash can be heard, signaling the landing of another object just to the left and outside of the doorbell camera’s range. The video was shared with Conor McCue, CBS Denver reporter.

It was a blessing that the suburban street was empty and no injuries were reported though one of Moskovic’s neighbors, Lonnie Kermoade, said that the falling debris made the neighborhood sound like a “war zone.”

Some debris also landed in Kermoade’s yard.

An unidentified neighbor was also making sandwiches for his family when debris crashed through his roof. He shared some pictures of the damage.

According to the Denver Post, six soccer teams were training in a park when debris also crashed down there from the sky. Luckily, no one was hit.

The fiery engine failure is being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board but still hasn’t speculated on a possible cause.

Source: Fox News

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