Fans save falling cat at football game [video]


  • Fans at the Miami vs. Appalachian State game this weekend were distracted by a furry gatecrasher.
  • During the second quarter, the crowd’s attention turned to a cat dangling from the stadium’s upper deck.
  • A couple on the lower deck held out an American flag, which the cat bounced off of, and landed to safety.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… a falling cat!

Fans in attendance at the Miami and Appalachian State game over the weekend made the most notable catch of the day. And it wasn’t a football.

During the second quarter of the game, the crowd’s attention turned to a cat dangling from the upper deck at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Craig and Kimberly Cromer said fans in the upper deck tried to reach the cat, but their rescue efforts only made the feline urinate onto the fans below out of fear.

The Cromers said they pulled out the American flag they brought with them and held it out for a few minutes before the cat finally fell.

The flag successfully broke the four-legged gatecrasher’s fall, and it bounced into the crowd. It was escorted out shortly after by stadium security.

Source: UPI

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