Fans say ‘The Simpsons’ predicted Astroworld tragedy


  • Fans of The Simpsons are saying the prolific show predicted the recent tragedy at Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert.
  • The long-running animated series has previously been credited with predicting everything from Sept. 11 to President Donald Trump.
  • Fans spotted a similarity between Scott’s promotional art and a fake newspaper from a 1992 episode.

Fans of The Simpsons are saying the show predicted yet another event: the recent tragedy at the Astroworld concert.

Simpsons fans have previously credited the show for predicting everything from Sept. 11 to Donald Trump’s presidency. This time though, the instance wasn’t in an episode.

A piece of Simpsons-inspired digital art shows Lisa and Homer walking into a giant head, similar to rapper Travis Scott’s Astroworld album cover. According to The Sun, that image has been making the rounds on Twitter with the caption “The Simpsons knew.” However, it’s not from the series. It’s fan art from 2018.

Some Simpsons fans spotted other parallels from the series, though. One bit includes Marge, stuck in traffic, seeing a sign that says “Roofi concert 5 miles.” The Simpson family matriarch says, “Huh! This concert is oversold. It’s as if a music promoter acted unscrupulously.”

Another eerie similarity caught the attention of TikTok users. In a 1992 episode of The Simpsons, Homer holds up a copy of the fictional publication World Weekly News. The image on the cover looks oddly similar to some promotional art of Scott that went viral the day before the deadly Astroworld concert.

At Scott’s Astroworld event on Nov. 5, a crowd surge left at least eight people dead and hundreds more injured, including a young child. Concertgoers “began to compress” to the front of the stage at around 9:15 p.m., obstructing people’s breathing and causing them to lose consciousness.

Source: The Sun

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