FBI texts reveal Obama “wants to know everything” about Clinton email probe


  • The Russia collusion issue is a waste of taxpayers money ,time, and energy. However, we already have proof Hilary Clinton had highly classified information on her personal server, deleted thousands more emails, and destroyed her cell phone, which had more incriminating evidence. Yet, this was swept under the rug. This is an example of the double standards that exist in Washington. There were many things that Obama did himself, which was suspect, he was never called to task either. This country has many problems that are of high importance, how about working on them instead of continuing the childish behavior of the democrats.

    • Omg better off with Pence?!? I guess if you’re a man, or Orwellian in principle, that man is a small step from the Handmaid’s Tale, truly terrifying. I’d take Bozo over Satan any day.

  • These are interesting times for sure. I did not vote for either Trump or Clinton. I firmly believed both were problematic. Clinton knows how to stay within the political framework to get what she wants for herself. Trump does not. However, Trump wants to be a dictator and is systematically undermining the checks and balances to prevent this kind of rule. So here we are. I think we need to find people who are not for sale or on a power trip, maybe then we can get a government which actually represents us.

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