Federal Judge: Trump Can’t Block Users on Twitter for Political Views


    • What do you expect. This Judge is a Bill Clinton appointee and has no clue what the constitution actually allows or doesn’t. Just because he is President doesn’t mean he gives up his right of association. Further the 1st amendment applies to laws written and passed by Congress. Read it Judge. You are dead wrong.

    • Anyone that support this Ugly, Big Fat, Sloppy, Ignorant, Stupid, Uneducated Ass Idiot has a PROBLEM TOO. He need to be TUTORED BY PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. HE JUST MIGHT LEARN HOW TO SPEAK AND ACT INTELLIGENTLY!!!

  • Why is it that everything Trump does is scrutinize to the nth degree? We’re talking about a stupid Twitter account, who cares who he blocks on his account it’s his account! lol

    • This perpetual negative perspective of Trump is driven by the intrinsic hatred within the extreme left aka Socialist party. Lunatics like Bernie Sanders who believe that the tax payers should fund everything and everyone “non workers” should have the same life styles! This is the dream of the “new left” as opposed to a capitalistic society. It appeals to a voter base that does not know or care to know of the history of our Republic. Their master plan is to stay in power by Amnesty aka future voting blocks and false promises. Meanwhile these career politicians, Pelosi,Shurmer,Jerry Brown command wealth via lip service only “non Workers” while leaning on the backs of Americans who physically work! Their public arrogance and egos via television lends its self to “Celebrity Status” Self Proclaimed Only! It is only a Masquerade! May this Great Nation never fall victim to THE LIARS CLUB!

  • I continue to be impressed with the ability of our President to be able to focus on so many serious issues without letting this relentless BS distract from his determination. His Twitter account seems to provide an outlet for frustration, as well as a Bully Pulpit. God bless him.

  • This is a legal issue and my personal opinion is not important. That said, I would expect ANY person to have the right to Block anyone from their personal account. That said, it seems that political figures may have a different standard when they are in office and representing “The Government”. Since the President does that more than any other individual I think the case can be made that, as he represents the government while in office, he should make no move that restricts a citizen’s right to voice their opinions. This is only relevant as long as they are in office, of course. Our elected officials should make no move to restrict opposing points of view while in office. I’m not sure if this is the “law” but it seems as though it’s been the standard practice until Social Media took off.

  • Idiots, unless you have something to hide, why block anyone? Is Twitter classified? No! If you can’t take the heat of the presidential kitchen get out! Hitler and Mussolini demanded the same methods of suppression! Oh what did they do wrong? Know when your being hustled.

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