FEMA prepares for a worst-case situation, orders 100K more body bags


  • As a response to worst-case scenario models, FEMA orders more body bags amidst the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The U.S government expects to reach more than 60,000 COVID-19 deaths by Thursday.
  • Since the start of the pandemic, FEMA has expanded its acquisition capacity to address the needs of the national government for more body bags.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), anticipating the worst, places order for more body bags amounting to 100,000 meant for coronavirus victims should the outbreak continue to plague the country.

The Wall Street Journal first published the report on Wednesday.

The purchase was invoiced last week by the FEMA as bags for the remains of COVID-19 victims has emerged as an additional order from a previous initial supply of 100,000.

By Thursday, the government is expecting that casualties in the U.S will surpass 60,000.

On Monday, President Donald Trump said he anticipates that the coronavirus outbreak will claim the lives of 60,000 to 70,000 Americans.

As a response to the recent health crisis encouraging trends, some governors of different states have planned to easying up on strict measures and to reopening businesses and the economy, adding that there is a slower spread of infection and decreased mortality rates.

The outlet reported, citing online records federal contracts as a source, the recent order for 100,000 body bags costs $5.1 million in total, and it was transacted by April 21.

According to the buying contract, the body bags supplier was a small firm based in California, and the items are supposed to arrive by Monday.

A spokesperson for FEMA told the Journal that its office, in response to COVID-19 pandemic, has always focused on the worst that could happen on a national scale.

The FEMA representative added that the agency decided to opt for a wider range of procurement contracts to meets the needs of body bags based on models plotted on under worst-case scenarios.

Bloomberg News reported that the recent move was following the Defense Department’s announcement early this month that FEMA requested the military to arrange for at least 100,000 body bags for civilians.

The FEMA spokeswoman further noted the agency had apportioned consignments from its earlier defense contract to coronavirus hot spots, based on the request of the states and mortality rates recorded.

She also said the agency’s new protocol is to be ready if there’s a need to address other new disasters, and should the pandemic reoccurs by any chance in fall.

Source: New York Post

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