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First-Time Homebuyer Discovers Nightmarish Infestation in New House [Video]



In a Nutshell:

  • First-time homeowner Amber Hall discovered her new house in Centennial, Colorado, was infested with snakes, with about 30 non-venomous garter snakes caught so far.
  • Most of the snakes were found in the garage, but some have been discovered inside the house. Experts believe a snake den has been situated under the house for at least two years.
  • Hall is now saving up to have the den relocated, aiming to transform her home back into a snake-free environment.

The dream of first-time homeownership quickly turned into a hissing nightmare for Colorado woman Amber Hall, 42, who discovered that her new home in Centennial was housing some unexpected tenants: snakes.

Hall, her two children, and a pair of Labrador retrievers moved into their new abode in April. A few weeks in, one of the Labs alerted her to a serpentine scene behind a hole in the garage wall.

“I was petrified,” Hall admitted to The Washington Post.

“I am very scared of snakes.”

Since the shocking discovery, snake catchers have become frequent visitors at the Hall residence, having caught about 30 non-venomous garter snakes so far.

While most of these slithery intruders were found in the garage, Hall has also come across them making themselves at home inside her house.


According to experts, there’s likely a den underneath the house that’s been the snakes’ sweet abode for at least two years.

Pest control workers have indicated that reaching this den would require tearing apart the deck and surrounding concrete.

“The snake wrangler that caught some snakes for me said the snakes he caught look to be about 2 to 3 years old, so he imagines they’ve been here for a long time and there’s a lot more,” Hall told KDVR-TV.

Unsurprisingly, living with an army of serpents wasn’t exactly what Hall envisioned when she purchased her new home.

She’s now saving up to have the den relocated, turning her dream house back into a snake-free sanctuary.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rattlerjake

    May 19, 2023 at 4:59 pm

    The only way they will be successful at relocating the den is to remove ALL of the snakes and move them a considerable distance. This time of year many of these snakes have already moved back out into the countryside but will return in the fall. Problem with relocation is that they will need to be provided with a new “den” or they are likely to die when winter comes because they couldn’t find a suitable new den.

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