Fish weighing 0.03 ounces reportedly UK’s smallest successful surgery patient


  • A couple brought their pet fish, Molly, to the vet after they noticed a lump on its tummy.
  • Vets were able to diagnose the lump as a tumor and used a simple surgery to remove it.
  • Vets say that Molly, weighing 0.03 ounces, was the smallest animal they had seen that had undergone surgery.

A lot of people would do anything for their pets. A couple was given a molly fish, which was aptly named Molly, by an elderly neighbor of theirs. After just a few weeks of caring for the pet fish though, they noticed that it had a lump on its underbelly.

Molly was taken to the Highscoft Rabbit, Small Mammal, and Exotic Vets practice in Bristol, England for treatment. After some tests, vets diagnosed the lump as a tumor, Molly went under the knife to remove it.

Photo Credit: SWNS
Photo Credit: SWNS

Weighing in at less than a gram, 0.03 ounces, exotic species vet Sonya Miles says that Molly is the smallest animal to undergo surgery. “It barely registered on our scales.”

Miles says that the procedure was very simple and took around thirty or forty minutes to complete. The fish was submerged in an anesthetic solution until the righting reflex was lost before it was placed on the operating area. It was kept at a stable level of anesthesia by injecting anesthetic over the gills. The fish was kept wet throughout the procedure and was finished by using a water-proof paste to cover the incision.

The vet said, “You definitely have to have steady hands and good eyesight.” The surgery was a success as Molly just a few minutes after removing the anesthetic and placing her in fresh oxygenated water.

The pet fish’s owners spent less than £100 ($124) on the operation and she was able to return to her own tank within the day.


Source: Good News Network

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