Florida lawyer clarifies his grim reaper costume while roaming beaches [Video]


  • A lawyer native of Florida is making rounds in the state’s beaches to make a statement over social distancing measures.
  • The attorney is dressed in a grim reaper costume to catch more attention for his advocacy.
  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has ordered the reopening of the state’s beaches during the last week of April.

An attorney from Florida is making rounds in the state’s beaches dressed as the grim reaper to represent death as a form of opposition against the government’s decision to lift restriction amidst the coronavirus outbreak and to urge citizens to stay home.

The lawyer, Daniel Uhlfelder, told Yahoo Life that he couldn’t sleep knowing that the government allowed beachgoers to the coastlines, and this can cause further spreading of COVID-19.

Being raised and born at the Sunshine State, the lawyer from Santa Rosa Beach knows why people wanted the beaches to reopen, and just like him, it is because they all enjoy what the seaside has to offer.

The attorney further explained that he advocated for the public use of beaches for the last two years together with Florida Beaches for All, a non-profit group.

At the times of health emergencies like coronavirus, though, Uhlfelder believes that the opening again of beaches late in April, as decided by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, is still too risky, adding that he thinks the governor did not fully consider what’s best for the public health. 

Thus, he decided to go the beaches take matters into his own hands by making a statement and urge people to practice social distancing, also hoping that lawmakers will notice him.

Uhlfelder explained that he decided to wear a grim reaper costume to catch people’s attention, commenting that people won’t notice him if he’s dressed normally.

The lawyer clarified that he is not against people going to the beach itself, what he’s not fine with is the overcrowding, and he thinks most beachgoers are not locals.

And when it comes to the locals, Uhlfelde says many residents are affected because of business closures, and he thinks many could resume work with the beaches open, noting the industry is part of the economy.

Uhlfelde emphasized that it was his message to government leaders.

The Floridian lawyer now has over 130,000 followers on Twitter, and he’s now planning to visit more beaches on the state to advance his call to action. He also capitalized on the media attention he received posing as the grim reaper by selling products as a support to his advocacy he called the “Grim Reaper Tour.”

Source: AOL

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