Florida man arrested after refusing to remove ‘I eat a–’ bumper sticker


  • This is why I love our Constitution, this is definitely a violation of this man’s 1rst amendment right of freedom of speech!

  • It may be freedom of speech but he is still a lewd scumbag. I am sure he
    will find himself in jail for something else. I am surprised those at the
    ACLU is so flippant about obscenity. It is just an example of what the
    ACLU is all about. NOTHING GOOD. They never defend anyone good.

  • As an adult it is up to yourself what you find offensive but as for having the child in the car you are subjecting them to something not appropriate. Now you can take the content in a few different ways but you are subjecting the child to 1) sexuality 2) are advertising it and in this day and age what happenswhen another car pulls up to you and asks about your child. 3)it would be up to child services as what’s inappropriate

  • People have gotten to thin skined. An “Ass” is an animal, how about I ate a Gator..wlold you assume that a college student was eaten or an alligator??? Time to get off all this PC nonsense….

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