Florida Man Drives Military-Style Tank Through Residential Streets


  • A military-style tank driven by a resident at quiet and gated Palmetto Bay stunned the community.
  • The tank allegedly caused damage to one of the village’s concrete curb.
  • Other residents are confused and concerned about why there is a tank in the neighborhood. 

Tanks are usually found in the battlegrounds or in museums.  But in a quiet South Florida gated community? Unusual, right?

But one Palmetto Bay resident who lives on a gated property off Old Cutler Road, was seen riding his military-style tank in the neighborhood, which caused a stir among its residents.

Which brings other residents to ask if it is legal.  Apparently, it is, as the British-grade tank was allowed to roam its streets.  But it is a cause of concern for the other residents in the neighborhood.  One resident, James Woodward said, “For the most part it’s unusual to say the very least and with the present state of politics, it’s concerning.”

They are asking if the owner of the tanks has complied with all the codes relating to the tanks.

A Palmetto Bay Code enforcement officer has taken note of a concrete curb damage allegedly caused by the tank when it went to the property.

Palmetto Bay 30-year resident John Gonzalez said that he is sure that the tank cannot go over a curb and not damage it. He added, “Is his purpose to what, intimidate or just show off, probably just to show off but I would have to disagree with that if I get a vote, I’ll vote against it.”

Villagers have already passed the issue to the county.  The cost of fixing the damage would have to be determined by the country and if the tank owner should pay for it.

When CBS4 News tried to talk with the property owner, they were informed at the gate through a security speaker that there was no one at home to speak about it.

Two Miami-Dade police vehicles and a security vehicle were the only ones allowed to enter the property that day.

CBS was also informed that as long as the tanks’ guns were not functional, it is allowed in the premises.

Source: CBS Miami

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