Florida shooting suspect went to Walmart after massacre to get a drink


    • Because the DEMORATS would rather USE the INNOCENT MURDERED Victims to push their GUN FREE zone PC CRAP which will KILL MORE KIDS!!! We must DEMAND ARMED guards and ARMED staff, along with Positive ID for entrance to schools NOW!!! We have had wayyy too many of OUR CHILDREN, be VICTIMS, with this PC CRAP!!!!!!!!!

  • They should ban guns like they do in the uk,the only people that need to have them is the police or forces,the problem with people with mental illness no body wants to know or sort them out its all to do with cash,i feel that after the 1st school shooting security should have been set up more,there must be teachers who can use a gun i think its got that far have the guns in a lock up safe in the schools,all the people in schools want to do is schooling its not a battle field,i am sorry for the school childen and mums and dads that have lost life over some one who should be in care,hope the childen who are fighting for life are healed god bless them rip the the people who have gone to heaven early,its getting a sad world.

    • The last ppl that need guns are police. The U.K. Police don’t have guns. Ban guns I don’t care but the retarded cops are the last ppl that that need them if society don’t.

    • Banning guns so that the only people to have them are the police and the military is naïve as those intent on doing evil will always find a way to obtain an “illegal” gun. Making schools “No gun zones” is also naïve, at best, and really stupid, as such is a signal for the bad dude shooters that they will be the only one there with a gun. The schools should have armed guards as we now have on all flights since 9/11. Are diamonds and masterpiece paintings more valuable to our society than our school children? Exclusive jewelry shops and museums have armed guards, why not the schools. The schools should also have smart metal detectors. Raise the school taxes, if necessary, to pay for the guards and metal detectors.

      • “all flights” do not depart with armed guards aboard . Get your facts correct before taking the time to post such garbage .
        As Mark Twain once said –it’s OK to let people think you are stupid so don’t open your mouth and prove it .

  • basic metal detectors are fine but the broken NICS system needs to be fixed. 8 of 10 people on the terrorist watch list passed the system and were able to buy firearms.

  • Sadly this man and others like him continue these school shootings and excuses are made their crimes instead of them taking responsibility for their actions Shame on the system that continues to allow this behavior and then then just excuse it as mental illness

  • Any and all threats against schools or individuals must be taken seriously. This school ‘s front doors were locked but not the fire escape stairs door. This is how Cruz gained entrance. I read that the school “guard” was on the campus but hiding. The coward resigned but will be questioned.

  • We need to pass a bill that would give up a mass shooter’s hippa rights. What meds was he on or used to be on and stopped? What meds were the other shooters on? Are they related? We will never know. One of the known side effects of certain drugs is homicidal ideation.
    Those who give up liberty for temporary safety, deserves neither liberty or safety.

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