Ford introduces ‘very gay’ Ranger Raptor in response to homophobic comment


  • Ford Europe introduced the ‘very gay’ Ranger Raptor after noticing a homophobic comment on a video for their previous Raptor reveal.
  • A commentor used the term to denigrate the Raptor’s original Performance Blue color.
  • The company decided to harness the negativity into something celebratory.

A Ford distributor in Germany made a splash by clapping back at customers who denigrated the color of the company’s F-150 Raptor pickup trucks.

The new model is adorned with rainbows, a big heart, and a glittery gold foil from Alphafoil.

In a video posted to Twitter, Ford showed a comment that called the truck’s Performance Blue color “very gay” and suggested that it be painted black and gold instead.

The video shows the truck being transformed through animation into what a “very gay” vehicle would really look like and wished viewers a “Happy Pride.” The message was meant to lambast those who use the term as an insult.

People were surprised when Ford actually produced a rainbow truck like the one in the video. The process to transform the truck took 60 hours.

Ford’s German branch has long supported Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Cologne, the location of the automaker’s headquarters in Germany. Cologne also holds one of the largest CSD events in the country, which is dedicated to celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

The special truck was used in this year’s CSD parade.

Source: Motor1

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