‘Forgotten Baby Syndrome’: New tech could prevent accidents involving children left in hot cars


  • I don’t understand how a parent could forget a child in a car. I raised three children and never forgot them once. Neither did my wife. What is different about today’s parenting is that no one accepts the responsibility, of raising a child the correct way. That is due to the governments interference with child rearing, at home and in the school system. If a parent does something like this they should be charged with murder, nothing less. It is time for our court system to step up to the plate and stop the liberals, getting by with illegal actions. The court system of today is a joke except for conservatives. It appears the leftist of this country, have taken it over, they only care about themselves and not normal people. How much money can they cheat and steal from the American public, is their only goal.

    • Eugene Crocker This has nothing to do with politics so why don’t you grow up instead of trying to incite a riot. This has to do with the Incompetence of a parent. If you want to blame someone start with the corporations that make people work double time with only one full time pay. Parents are going home exhausted. We need this country to go back to 9-5 jobs. The comupters were suppose to do that but corporations instead are bombarding people with too much advertisments with their attitude SELL SELL SELL..

    • Really? Going to blame forgetting your child on “the left” and liberals? What do they have to do with this?? People try to do too much and that’s why some forget their child. I agree it is hard to understand but please don’t put the government and liberals at fault. Each parent is at fault. Quit blaming and help find a solution. Besides I know plenty of liberals that work hard, pay their taxes and don’t take anything from goofballs like you.

  • If a parent can’t remember they have their child in the car, they need to do something that will help them remember!!! Like I’ve seen on the news, they tell you to put one of your shoes in the back seat, or your purse, briefcase, cell phone, whatever will make you have to open that door & get it out of the backseat!!! It shouldn’t have to be that difficult!!! It has nothing to do with politics, hours a parent has to work, or any of the other excuses they want to come up with! It has to do with being a parent & the responsibility you take on when you become a parent! If you can’t accept that responsibility & remember to take your child out of the vehicle that you put them in, then maybe you don’t deserve to be a parent!!!

  • Funny how they NEVER forget their cellphone so they need to put the. Cellphone in the back beside the car seat with the child in it. They have no good reason to keep The phone in their hands or upfront with them . Drive , talk to your child while driving and put that phone in the back. THIS IS YOUR CHILD FOLKS? PAY ATTENTION ,!!!

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