Former NFL Player Donald “Reche” Cadwell killed in Florida


  • Donald Caldwell aka “Reche”, a former NFL receiver, was shot and killed in his hometown Tampa, Florida on Saturday night, his mother confirms to TMZ Sports.
  • Various former Patriots and former teammates take to social media to mourn the fallen ex-wide receiver and reminisce fond memories of Reche.
  • Finding his way after football, Reche returned to his hometown, started a business, and volunteered as a football coach.

Mother of the 41-year-old former NFL wide receiver for seven seasons, confirms to TMZ Sports that Donald Caldwell aka “Reche” got killed on Saturday night. Additionally, the police stated to ESPN that the case is a homicide but did not comment if Reche was targeted or if the incident was a random act.

With the Gators, Reche was part of the team that reached the 2000 SEC championship. By the 2002 NFL draft, he started playing for the San Diego Chargers until 2005 leading to him sign with the New England Patriots by 2006.

Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick stated, “I am saddened to hear the news about Reche. He is remembered for his solid contributions to our team. My thoughts and prayers are with Reche’s family,”

Many of his teammates agree that his welcoming personality was one of the best traits he had. In a comment to ESPT, Donte Stallworth said that “He was always smiling and laughing so much it was infectious to everyone around him.” when they met in New England back in 2007.

As he struggled post-football, he decided to return to Tampa, where he started an event planning company. He also volunteered himself as a football coach.

According to his brother Andre Caldwell, another former NFL wide receiver, he thinks Reche couldn’t cope with the passes he missed back in 2007. It was the AFC Championship Game, and the Patriots lost to Colts. The score 38-34.

Reche’s career record stands at 71 career games, with 11 touchdowns and catching 152 passes for 1,851 receiving yards.

Source: ESPN

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