Former priest John Feit gets life term for beauty queen murder


  • The Christ myth is damaging to people. It led to this guy attacking and killing girls. It leads into and supports the hatred and bigotry of the slavery states. It supports the murderous gop who will deny the elderly of our country SS and medicare so that their corporations can save billions in pension costs. Bloomberg magazine was chortling bout that. It supports killing kids by denying them medical care and food support. For every good person who is a believer their are at least two who want to forceably stuff their beliefs down the throats of others. They think the excesses of the inquisition are fully justified and would like to go back to those polices. They see their Christianity as a license to control and harm other folks who do not share their silly beliefs. I use to be a Lutheran but after seeing the violence that Lutheran churches have inspired I no longer believe. The Catholics have a long dishonorable history of violence and killing and harming especially women also and we all know what the Muslim religion can inspire. I no longer subscribe to any of these silly and damaging belief systems . Instead I believe in good. Helping others . Feeding others. Caring for our planet. Doing no harm.

  • Do we decry all teachers for a few abusers, all firemen for a few thieves, all police for a few bigots? It is not possible to look ino a ‘bad’ persons soul and see his future transgressions. Nor is it possible to divine the future evil acts of these angry judges. But I doubt they should be casting stones just yet.

  • I died and the message I was given was to follow my path and to “ not harm others” there was nothing about religion in the message. I truly think its past time for the Catholic church to do away w celebacy and allow female clergy. Of course any profession can have rapists and pedophiles.

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