Fotis Dulos, Man Accused of Killing Wife Jennifer Dulos, Dies After Suicide Attempt


  • Fotis Dulos, charged as the primary suspect for the kidnap and murder of his estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos, died at the hospital after a suicide attempt.
  • Dulos, had been in perilous condition since Tuesday, suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, apparently in an attempt to take his own life.
  • The prosecution believes that Dulos’ motive is to get hold of his children’s trust fund, and Jennifer’s death is the only way he can acquire it.

Fresh from a murder case that garnered attention in May of last year, Fotis Dulos has died in the hospital due to an apparent suicide attempt from two days ago. Dulos, who was originally from Greece, was suspect for the disappearance and murder of Jennifer Dulos, who had previously filed a divorce case against him.

Fotis earlier appealed that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of his estranged wife.
Preceding his death, Mr. Dulos was found unconscious on a car in his home garage at Farmington, Connecticut, on Tuesday when police came to pick him because he was late for his case hearing that day. Officials said that Mr. Dulos suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning and was on a critical condition since. He was only 52.

His lawyer, Norm Pattis, confirmed the death of his client. Thru a text message, Mr. Pattis stated that “Mr. Dulos was tried and convicted in the court of public opinion. We remain committed to demonstrating that he did not murder Jennifer.”

Farmington police reported that Dulos was put under house arrest by the court following his legal team’s filing of the petition. Dulos was arrested January 7 on kidnapping with murder charges, resulting from a long and extensive investigation which he was originally tagged as the main suspect.

As the investigation progressed, the police charged two more suspects, Dulos’ girlfriend, Michelle C. Troconis, and Atty. Kent D. Mawhinney, as conspirators to the murder, committed. Court documents say that the same day that Jennifer was last seen from her home, Fotis and his girlfriend got rid of the bloodied evidence from the crime scene.

In the summer, the court issued warrants against Dulos based on the primary charges of delaying prosecution and tampering with evidence. The prosecution also reported that they acquired video surveillance showing Dulos and Troconis driving in Hartford, and of a man that’s dumping several garbage bags in trash bins in the same spot where investigators found several bloodstained items with Jennifers’ DNA.
It was still uncertain what will happen with the case against the two now that Mr. Dulos has passed away.

The possible motive, according to warrants issued, was financial reasons. Fotis Dulos allegedly was under a debt of around $7 million, and the children’s trust fund is a way out. Presumably, Jennifer’s death is the only way Fotis can get hold of the funds.

Despite the efforts of the Farmington police force, Jennifer Dulos’ body is yet to be found.

Source: AOL


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