Frank Stallone, Laura Ingraham apologize for mocking Parkland survivor David Hogg


  • Wait! So who is David Hogg? Is he just a 17 year old kid? Is he coached by professional groups with the goal of disarming American citizens? The actions, words and organizational skills are not those of inexperienced 17 year olds! Sadly he is being used and not mentally ready to take on the 2nd Amendment!

      • When the heat is on, always revert back to the safety of “I’m just a 17 year old kid” but in DC he acted like he was calling the shots for the entire country with his vast knowledge of the world.
        You thrust yourself into the public eye, either willingly or unwittingly, you are a target for anything that comes along. Your handlers did not mention that to you?

  • Stallone and Laura never should have made an apoligy, they were right. Hog boy can say anything he wants about anybody and get away with it, I don’t think so. Maybe Hoggy should do something about his minions snorting “condumbs”. Such bright little people.

  • Isn’t shaming someone into an apology by threatening their livelihood for merely stating an opinion a form of bullying? Good Lord what has happened to the land of the free? I am so tired of people being called in the carpet for what they believe. Frank Stallone could have said what he did minus the vulgarity and I would have been fine with it. It’s his opinion. The way he chose to speak shows an absence of class. I have no problem with what anyone else said. It just seems to me we have gotten to the point where free speech only applies to some. Because, if you say the wrong thing it will cost you.

  • David Hoag deserves the respect of his opinions as much as those who disagree with him. Vulgar name calling diminishes the strength of any opposing view. If one can’t use facts and logic to argue one’s position, that opinion means nothing!

  • Read the article in todays Wall Street Journal by another 17 year old by the same name, David Hogg, who’s is a college student…actually he is only 16 and is studying engineering at Univ. of N.C. hIS SO MUCH SMARTER. The article written by him is on page A17. Mary Brookwell

  • David Hogg is NOT a Parkland survivor. Didn’t anyone at Dailey News catch his interview when he admitted to the whole effin ‘ world that he had been home, got on his bike and pedalled,the 3 miles to Parkland that morning? HEY???? DAVID?????? WHY were you at home at the time your fellow students were being murdered? I, for one, think your little act stinks to high heaven of dead fish! And as to those companies that jumped,on the Bandwagon to NOT advertise on Ms Ingraham’s show???? See if I buy a single product from all y’all until I see an advertisement on her show.

    Mr Hogg…..if you want to be taken seriously as an adult, do not act like one one day and hide behind your youth the minute someone takes umbrage with your so-called adult stance the next……

    • Oh no! You’re not going to buy any of their products? Well I’m sure they won’t cry over the lost $2.50 that you spend on baby lotion or whatever. Give me a break.

  • I’m thinking that with a little more training David Hogg could be his generation’s Barrack Hussein Obama, a silver-tongued, know-nothing community organizer.

  • Like most Hoggs, he was probably fed garbage all his life, so, I guess we can’t blame his ignorance on his so called education.
    He shouldn’t listen to those that are apparently teaching him what he thinks he knows.

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