Gang member transforms into singing star after videos of him serenading patients go viral [Video]


  • A New Jersey phlebotomist went viral on TikTok with videos showing him singing to ICU patients
  • He was a ‘blood member’ of a local gang for three years
  • His turning point came when a rival gang made attempts on his mother’s life

28-year-old Enrique Rodriguez from Central Jersey went from “OG” to “G clef” after videos of him singing to hospital patients went viral.

Rodriguez, who now works as a phlebotomist at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, started posting videos on his TikTok account of him serenading and playing instruments for patients in the Intensive Care Unit. He’s amassed over 80,000 followers on the platform.

He credits his transformation with finding religion.

“I found God at an extremely troubling period in my life and he showed himself to me when I needed him most. I know that God wanted me to care for people just as he cared for me, and the hospital was the perfect place to do that,” Rodriguez said.

The singing phlebotomist said he first got involved with gangs in 2009 after his older brother went to prison. He explained that losing his brother to prison led to him feeling disconnected from his loved ones, and he sought to fill the void with “the wrong kind of family.”

“The gang lifestyle is pure manipulation. They make you feel like they care about you, that they’ve got your back that you’re family; but all they do is use you so they don’t have to get their hands dirty,” he said.

Rodriguez decided to turn over a new leaf when a rival gang targeted his mother and made two attempts on her life.

“I have done a lot of bad things and mixed with a lot of bad people,” he said. “I’m just grateful God looked out for me and my family. He has given me the opportunity to start a new life, and music is a huge part of that.”

Rodriguez’s tenure at the hospital began in 2012 when he was hired as a housekeeper. During his nine years atRobert Wood Johnson, he discovered his musical talent. Though he’s unable to read sheet music, Rodriguez taught himself to play the guitar and piano. He honed his raw talent by playing for patients.

“I love what I do and I believe my purpose in this world is to help other people. When I’m singing to these patients I can feel the connection we have and it’s wonderful. There was a time where I was singing to a patient in a coma and he woke up for the first time in weeks,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez is on TikTok @thesingingphlebotomist.

Source: Good News Network

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