Georgia Sniper Shoots At Random Cars On Highway, Idolizes Parkland Shooter


  • Rex Whitmire Harbour, a landscaper from Snellville, fired at random vehicles traveling northbound on Georgia 365 outside Atlanta at around Friday noon.
  • Seven vehicles were hit after he fired at least 17 times, before turning his gun on himself.
  • The Hall County Sheriff stated that Harbour considered Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz as a “hero.”

A 26-year-old Georgia sniper, who idolizes alleged Parkland mass shooter Nikolas Cruz, had shot at cars passing through Georgia Highway 365 on Friday. Although none of the resulting injuries was life-threatening, two people were wounded and a third was cut by broken glass.

Hall County Sheriff Gerald Couch recounted how a deputy chased after a suspicious car spotted pulling out of a wooded area beside the highway on Friday. The car rolled to a stop after the suspect shot himself in the head. Rex Whitmire Harbour died later at Grady Memorial Hospital.

A 12-gauge shotgun, a BB-gun, three 9mm handguns, and more than 3,400 ammunition rounds were found inside his vehicle. None of these seemed stolen.

Couch stated that the shooter idolized the Parkland shooting suspect, as evidenced by the “hate-filled” handwritten documents found at Harbour’s home. The writings suggest that he viewed Florida suspect Nikolas Cruz as a “hero” who gave him “courage and confidence.”

In the Parkland shooting incident on Feb.14, 17 people were killed when Cruz opened fire at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He is currently detained in the Broward County jail for first-degree murder charges, with prosecutors intending to seek the death penalty.

State and federal intelligence checks showed that the Georgia sniper had no historical record of criminal activity or violence. Harbour’s mother also attested to investigators that her son was quiet and mild-mannered.

Sheriff Couch said that it’s still unclear whether Harbour had any other motivation besides hatred.

“What his motivation was other than just hate, we don’t know at this time. He had the weapons, the ammunition, and obviously the will to inflict a lot of harm and a lot of hate,” the sheriff said.

Source: Business Insider

2 thoughts on “Georgia Sniper Shoots At Random Cars On Highway, Idolizes Parkland Shooter

  1. As long as the news media choses to share more & more information about these killers who stockpile guns & go out and kill innocent men, women, & children we are going to see more & more of this. Many of them might not think about doing this until they hear about someone else doing it. Why can’t they share the good news. So more people will want to try doing good. You know the saying, monkey see monkey do, monkey follow after you.

  2. None of his weapons were ‘banned’ so what does gun control do? Nothing. Only good people with guns can stop bad people with guns. And you’re right! Unless the media stops putting these nuts in the limelight, it will continue. If they are not called morons, nut cases or low-lifes, they will do something just to get their dull, bored lives in the news.

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