Georgia Sniper Shoots At Random Cars On Highway, Idolizes Parkland Shooter


  • As long as the news media choses to share more & more information about these killers who stockpile guns & go out and kill innocent men, women, & children we are going to see more & more of this. Many of them might not think about doing this until they hear about someone else doing it. Why can’t they share the good news. So more people will want to try doing good. You know the saying, monkey see monkey do, monkey follow after you.

  • None of his weapons were ‘banned’ so what does gun control do? Nothing. Only good people with guns can stop bad people with guns. And you’re right! Unless the media stops putting these nuts in the limelight, it will continue. If they are not called morons, nut cases or low-lifes, they will do something just to get their dull, bored lives in the news.

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