Georgia teacher arrested after firing a shot in classroom

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  • This is odd. I hope it is not a false flag to prevent faculty from carrying guns to protect students. Odd that in the last few years to push for gun confiscation there have been unbelievable amounts of attacks on schools and other public places. Pablo’s I and Hillary at their best.

  • How can this fellow be accused of “aggravated assault” when there was no one assaulted? Plainly he is guilty of carrying a gun into a gun-free zone and discharging said weapon in an area where such discharges are forbidden. But no assault took place and the only aggravation was to the normal flow of events at the school. Plainly, he needs help, but he is not going to get any with the charges that have been brought against him.

  • With all the trauma occurring in our schools these days, I’m surprised our school staff aren’t all afflicted with PTSD and coming to school toting guns ready to fire at anyone making out of the way moves. I was a nervous wreck for a year after the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989 (the one that shook the World Series), and it wasn’t aimed directly at me. To have only one instructor go a little walk about is an amazing testament to the stability of the people in this profession. God bless them all!

  • Something sounds fishy. I would like to see his health records. He may have a terminal disease and wanted to end it all and make a statement.

  • And as long as they continue to excuse the perpetrator people like him will continue to commit these crimes Now they’re downplaying a teacher firing a firearm on school property

    • No, people kill people with guns. He didn’t kill anyone. It was stupid of him to fire a gun on school property but it isn’t the gun that went off on its own.

  • So …conversations seem to always tilt back to people who are not in office… Not the people who are in office and are criminals.. As with those who already pleaded GUILTY.. Those onbtheir way…and then those who will be found guilty…including Trump…Then there is always the litmus test for intelligence where ..someone makes an overt of covert racist reference… Kenyan Coon…nigger …or choose your favorite… It will not save you from the monsters you have help create through ignorance and simple hatred …..Coon..Nigger…whatever…is that all you got?…The bullets don’t care about the color of your skin….whether your high school students or country music lovers

  • Claiming mental illness as an excuse to get away with their crimes but killing others on the spot mental illness or not No one gets away with murder regardless of who you are Ultimately those who live by the sword will die by the sword according to the bible

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