‘Germaphobic’ British woman goes grocery shopping inside a zorb ball [Video]


  • A British woman took “social distancing” to a new level by going to the grocery store on Monday inside a gigantic ball.
  • The unidentified woman, who went shopping inside a zorb ball, was captured on video that became viral instantly after being posted.
  • A carer who was with her the whole time told strangers that the woman is really ‘germaphobic.’

A British woman, who took “social distancing” seriously, made a trip to the grocery store on Monday inside a gigantic ball.

The unidentified woman was captured on video in Herne Bay, England. A ‘carer’ was with her the whole time, helping her maneuver the massive bubble — which is commonly called a zorb ball — and grabbing grocery items for her.

The pair was escorted out of the store by a staff member shortly after the woman ended up getting her zorb ball stuck in the canned goods aisle.

The zorb ball is an inflatable sphere being used in extreme sports like “zorb football” and “water zorbing.”

The ‘carer’ she brought along had to explain to the curious shoppers in the supermarket that “she’s self-isolating. She’s really germaphobic.”

It’s not clear if the incident was a prank or the woman was really ‘freaked out’ about getting out in public amid the coronavirus pandemic which killed more than 700 in the UK and nearly 27,000 around the globe.

Videos of the woman’s outing rapidly went viral on social media, with users divided about the woman’s motive.

“She’s more of a hazard…silly woman wanting attention,” one person wrote.

Another joked that: “Someone just pop it.”

Others think it’s just a gimmick by someone who wants to get attention.

“Just someone desperately trying to get their 15 seconds of internet fame,” another person wrote.

Source: AOL.Com

3 thoughts on “‘Germaphobic’ British woman goes grocery shopping inside a zorb ball [Video]

  1. So she walks inside bubble but the outside which has been on the floor comes up and touches everything. This would be every germ dog dropping or other residue outside and she is not fined as causing a risk to the public even though she got stuck in the canned goods and contact from street surface snow on cans half way up?

    1. She should’ve been charged with stupidity and forced to pay for the $35,000.00 worth of groceries she just contaminated with that stupid stunt.

  2. She is self absorbed, self centered, another one that the world revolves around them. Stupidity reigns!

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