Gigi Hadid dismissed from jury pool in Harvey Weinstein rape trial


  • On Thursday, American fashion model Gigi Hadid was confirmed to be discharged from being a jury member in Harvey Weinstein’s high-profile rape trial.
  • Hadid was among those who were selected as a potential juror last Monday for the New York trial.
  • The model revealed that while she had personally met the disgraced former movie producer before, she told the presiding judge that she can still be “fair and impartial”.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid will no longer serve as a juror in Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial.

Court spokesman Lucian Chalfen said that both sides agreed that the 24-year-old celebrity will be discharged from the jury pool.

According to a reporter inside the courtroom, Hadid was among the 120 people chosen as a potential juror on Monday who was asked to return for Thursday’s hearing after filling out a jury questionnaire form.

During the course of questioning in court on Monday, the pool reporter revealed that Hadid, who was sitting in the jury box, said she had met the former movie mogul before. When Justice James Burke asked her if she could be fair and impartial, she replied, “Yes, I can.”

Next, when Judge Burke read a list of potential witnesses who may be relevant to Weinstein’s case and asked jurors if they knew anyone on the list, the reporter said Hadid raised her hand and told the judge that she had met Salma Hayek.

“I think I’m still able to keep an open mind on the facts,” the Manhattan resident added.

The reporter also revealed that besides Hadid, 62 other potential jurors for the high-profile trial have been dismissed.

Weinstein, 67, faces five felony counts including rape and predatory sexual assault according to claims from two female accusers. He has denied these charges.  Jury selection in his New York State Supreme Court began last week.


Source: CNN

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