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Girl Scout Cookie Snatcher Arrested in Minnesota


  • A Minnesota man who regularly “dumpster dives” told police that he saw an open loading dock with pallets of Girl Scout cookies inside.
  • The cookie thief snatched differently-flavored cookie boxes and loaded them onto his backseat and trunk.
  • The burglar took a total of 23 cases of cookies, amounting to $1,250, which landed him in jail.

The Rochester Police received an alarm call over the weekend regarding a sedan driving away from the old Fareway Foods Building on East Frontage Road. Driving the sedan was Joel Whittaker, whose backseat turned out to be filled with Girl Scout Cookie boxes.

Whittaker said that he noticed an open loading dock when he was dumpster diving at the GMC dumpster. He saw that inside the dock were pallets of Girl Scout cookies, stacked by flavor. Whittaker selected a mix of flavors from the cookie boxes and loaded them onto his car. He left the other boxes on the floor of the loading dock. 

All in all, Whittaker snatched a total of 23 cases of cookies. Authorities estimate the value of the cookies at $1,250.

Whittaker was taken into custody. When officers searched his car, they saw that not only was his car’s backseat and trunk filled to the brim with the cookie boxes, but they also found bolt cutters, a pry bar, two stolen license plates, a small amount of heroin, and a used meth pipe.

The 25 cookie boxes that Whittaker got out of the pallets and placed on the floor were turned over by the authorities to the property manager for the Girl Scouts. Since the boxes placed on the floor could not be sold, they were delivered to the Salvation Army.

From the court documents of Olmsted County, Whittaker was charged with felony counts of burglary and theft. He faces up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of $20,000.

Whittaker’s first court appearance was scheduled for Monday morning. He was given a long list of conditions before he was released. Included in the list is for him to submit to random testing and searches, refrain from drinking alcohol or taking drugs, and abide by the law.


Source: CBS Minnesota

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