Good Samaritan trying to save neighbor from pit bulls accidentally kills him with crossbow


  • A Massachusetts man who tried helping a neighbor who was getting mauled by two pit bulls on Wednesday accidentally shot the man with his crossbow.
  • According to a statement from the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office, the two dogs turned on officers shortly after they arrived on the scene.
  • The officers used their service weapons to kill the animals.

A Massachusetts man who grabbed his crossbow in an effort to stop a dog attack accidentally killed his neighbor in the process.

State Police are investing what was described as an accidental death after multiple 911 calls came in about a mauling after midnight on Thursday, according to a statement from the Berkshire District Attorney Andrea Harrington.

A man, who was not identified, shot his crossbow in an attempt to stop his neighbor from being mauled by two adult dogs after hearing a commotion.

“The arrow struck one of the dogs, went through a door, and then struck the individual being mauled as he was attempting to barricade himself from the attack,” the district attorney’s statement said.

Harrington said that the man with crossbow stood at the bottom of a stairwell and fired up at a dog on the landing. A young girl in another room was unharmed.

The dogs belonged to the man who died and his girlfriend and both animals apparently had a history of being aggressive, the district attorney’s office said.

Adams Police officers who responded to the scene early Thursday used their guns to “neutralize the animals,” according to the statement.

The man who fired his crossbow had a license to own the weapon, used for hunting, and is cooperating with authorities.

Source: AOL.Com

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