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Google Assistant Updates With Four Helpful Features


  • Google Assistant’s new updates will help you locate your phone using a Nest speaker or smart display.
  • A new feature will also make ordering takeout easier and faster.
  • The “sunrise” and “sunset” routine feature will help you create automated routines for your home. 

The four new features coming to Google Assistant will allow you to track your phone, make ordering takeout faster, and automate routines based on the time of day in your location.  

With the new update, users with a Nest speaker or smart display can ask Google to locate their device. The update will now work on your iPhone, too, if you opt to receive notifications and special alerts sent out by Google Assistant.

Once you find your phone, you can now easily order takeout for pickup or delivery through Google Assistant, powered by Duplex on the web. For Android users ordering online, Google Assistant will automatically fill in your payment details using previously saved info from Google Pay or Chrome’s Autofill section. This can save you from the tedious task of filling in your credit card info, which can be especially annoying when you’re already very hungry. 

Finally, Google Assistant can also help automate more things in your home with their ready-made “sunrise” and “sunset” events that are activated when the sun rises or falls in your location. With this feature, you can trigger automated actions like turning off the lights before bedtime or playing your favorite alarm clock track in the morning.

There’s also a new Ready-Made Routines section in the Google Home app that suggests more popular actions to explore the feature. When you’ve found a routine to install, you can add a shortcut to your favorite Routines to your home screen. 

While these features aren’t exactly entirely new to Google Assistant, they can certainly help make our lives a bit easier. 

Source: Gizmodo

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