Google feature explains how you got your search results

Google feature explains how you got your search results


  • An updated Google feature explains how its search algorithm works.
  • The “about this result” feature shows background information on the linked sites and how it landed on the specific results.
  • Google said that they aim to help people understand its search system more and make better searches in the future.

Google’s “about this result” feature has been updated to include context about how and why its search algorithm led to its specific search results.

The feature was added earlier this year to allow users to vet unfamiliar sources using data sourced from Wikipedia. By clicking the three dots at the corner of a search result, the information box pops up and shows additional background information about a linked website.

The recently added information provides more context on how Google’s search algorithm led to specific sites and search results given the search terms used.

In the example shared by Google below, a search for “best jogging shoes” lands on a site’s article that contained the words “best” and “shoes,” with other related terms such as “running,” “running shoe,” and “shoe.” It also explained that the site has images related to the search, as well as the matching language and relevant geographic location.

Armed with this information, users can change their search terms accordingly for more specific search results.

Google explained that they aim to provide users a glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes whenever they search. They hope that the updated feature will help users better understand how their search system works and eventually gain more knowledge into making better searches in the future.

The updated feature is set to be rolled out to users now. It will initially be available to English language results in the US, but Google hopes to expand availability to other languages and countries in the coming months.

Source: The Verge

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