Google’s new feature warns users not to use their phones while walking

Google’s new feature warns users not to use their phones while walking


  • Google unveils a new feature that would nag Android phone users not to use their devices while walking.
  • Thousands of people have ended up in fatal accidents caused by using phones and not paying attention while they’re crossing the pedestrian lane.
  • The feature could be optional so it’s up to users if they would like to activate it or not.

In a bid to keep its users safe from potential danger or harm, Google has designed a feature for Android smartphones that would warn users when they are using their gadgets while walking.

“Look up. Avoid using your phone while walking,” the warning notification reads as the system detects users who are scrolling while they are in pedestrians.

The settings for the feature noted, however: “Use with caution. Heads Up doesn’t replace paying attention.”

According to The Verge, the new feature, which used Android’s Digital Wellbeing service, has already been rolled out in beta form to some Pixel phones. While Google has not yet divulged further details about the innovation, it is anticipated that, soon, more phones that have Digital Wellbeing service could get pedestrian warnings.

Per 9to5Google report, thousands of people get involved in fatal pedestrian accidents yearly, hence the nagging feature of cautioning people to “stay alert” or “look up” would not hurt as a quick interruption while users scroll their devices.

Per a report by XDA Developers, the warnings could be optional. Essentially, though, the main goal of the new feature is to encourage people not to use their phones when crossing the streets or walking on the sidewalk to avoid any possible accident.

The beta would need to be manually installed before it could be activated. And ultimately, it would depend on the users whether they would like to get disturbed while they’re texting or conversing with someone.

The bottom line is, it’s for their own safety.



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