Gordon Ramsay On Daughter’s Boyfriend: ‘He’s a Little Bit Pathetic’


  • Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay revealed his true thoughts about his daughter Megan’s boyfriend.
  • In a guesting on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Ramsay called the guy “a little bit pathetic.”
  • Ramsay is known for his brash feedbacks on participants of his cooking shows.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for the brash, no-nonsense feedback he gives participants on shows like Kitchen NightmaresHell’s KitchenMasterChef, and his newest show, Next Level Chef. And it turns out, he’s equally as harsh on the men dating his daughters.

During an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show that aired on Thursday, Ramsay opened up about just that. The 55-year-old celebrity chef admitted that he’s “so naughty sometimes” to the guys in the lives of Megan Ramsay, 23, HollyAnna Ramsay, 21, and Matilda “Tilly” Ramsay, 20.

“I just want the girls to be looked after, and for them to look after each other,” he said. “You’re always anxious about that.”

As an example, Ramsay discussed Megan’s boyfriend Byron, whom she recently started seeing again after a split.

“He was okay to begin with,” Ramsay said, of Byron. “A bit wet. A little bit sort of… you want a man to date your daughter and he was just, a little bit pathetic.”

“I want to kill the little f—er, I kid you not,” Ramsay teased.

The restauranteur and cookbook author went on to explain that he messed with Byron recently, after getting his phone number from Tilly.

“She gave me it and said, ‘Dad don’t do anything,’ and I said, ‘No, just give me, if anything’s wrong I need his number on my phone,’ ” Ramsay said. “So I waited to find out when they were having dinner together and I FaceTimed him.”

Byron answered the phone “shaking,” Ramsay said.

“I said, ‘Bryron, it’s me. Not your future father-in-law, you little f—!’ ” he recalled.

Asked by Clarkson, 39, if his daughter killed him, Ramsay pointed out that she put a kibosh to the situation.

“Megan bent over and pushed [the button] and cut me off, which was so rude!” Ramsay said. “I was just in the middle of having a proper chat!”

Ramsay later said on The Kelly Clarkson Show that he ultimately “wants the best” for his daughter, but at 22, he thinks she should “just wait a little longer” to find the right guy.

At least he has a sense of humor about himself, even reposting a TikTok video last year of someone mimicking a Kitchen Nightmares-like episode of what it would be like if Ramsay met one of his Tilly’s boyfriends.

Source: Yahoo!

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