Greg Glassman resigns as CrossFit CEO following George Floyd comments


  • Greg Glassman, CEO of Crossfit, announced that he is stepping down from his role for the company due to his comments about George Floyd’s death.
  • He also shared groundless claims regarding a connection between COVID-19 and the death of Floyd.
  • His tweet sparked lots of outrage, causing partners and sponsors to end their ties with CrossFit.

CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman stated Tuesday that he is resigning as the company’s head following a Buzzfeed article that received extensive criticism. Reportedly, he told gym owners in a Zoom conference call that “We’re not mourning Floyd’s death”.

According to the article, it was a 75-minute call involving 16 affiliates and their respective staff members on Saturday. It received comments of being racist from various people.

In the same call, Glassman also remarked if systemic racism existed and questioned the protesters’ motives. He then told gym owners to pretend to comply with the new health rules once their businesses reopen. 

In addition to the comments, Glassman also had unsupported conspiracy theories about Floyd’s death and COVID-19 saying, “The Chinese let this virus get out of the laboratory, and that indeed did happen”. However, US intelligence stated that there is no conclusion, as of yet, if the virus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In response to a tweet by the University of Washington’s Institute which called out on racism and discrimination being “critical public health issues”, Greg’s inconsiderate reply was “It’s FLOYD-19″. The response outraged many, with around 15,000 affiliates severing ties, including sporting goods company Reebok pulling their partnership with CrossFit.

In his retirement statement, Greg said, “On Saturday I created a rift in the CrossFit community and unintentionally hurt many of its members,” He added, “Floyd is a hero in the black community and not just a victim. I should have been sensitive to that and wasn’t. I apologize for that.”

Source: New York Post

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