Healthy baby mistakenly terminated after being confused with sick twin


  • A mixup at the Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust led to a fatal mistake.
  • Doctors terminated a healthy infant by accident during a procedure to abort its sick twin.
  • The mother had to undergo the operation because one of her twins was suffering from restricted growth, endangering the lives of both babies.

Doctors at the Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust terminated a healthy baby after mistaking it for its sick twin.

The tragic mistake occurred during a procedure to terminate one of the twins after doctors discovered it was suffering from restricted growth, thereby endangering the lives of both infants.

Doctors mistakenly terminated the healthy baby, and its twin also died.

“Sadly, during a highly specialized fetal procedure in 2019 that involved operating within the womb to separate and potentially save the life of a single twin that shared a placenta, a fatal error occurred,” Dr. Fiona Reynolds, chief medical officer at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Trust, said.

“A full and comprehensive investigation was carried out swiftly after this tragic case, and the findings were shared with the family, along with our sincere apologies and condolences.”

“The outcome of that thorough review has led to a new protocol being developed to decrease the likelihood of such an incident happening again.”

According to The Sunday Express, this is just one of 700 incidents at NHS hospitals that carried fatal consequences. Freedom of Information requests led to stories of patients being discharged too soon or receiving incorrect treatment.

One patient died at the North Bristol NHS Trust after they had the wrong section of bowel removed.

Another patient at the West Suffolk NHS Trust died from sepsis after being told they had the flu and sent home.

Source: Metro