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Hilarious Mishap Ensues After Costco Takes Customer’s Request Too Literally



In a Nutshell:

  • A Redditor innocently requested “red frosting on perimeter” of Costco cake, but the bakery took it too literally, resulting in a cake design that mirrored a rough sketch made by the customer.
  • The viral post showcasing the Costco cake fail gained widespread attention, with thousands of people reacting positively to the comedy of compliance by the bakery, despite the mishap in the cake design.
  • Despite the cake fail, the customer took it in stride, jokingly considering making it a new tradition and planning to use a photo of the cake as a cake topper for his daughter’s birthday in the future.

Talk about a cake-tastrophe! A Reddit user’s seemingly simple request for a cake from Costco turned into a sidesplitting comedy of errors that has the internet in hysterics.

Costco, the beloved warehouse club known for its bulk items and delicious bakery treats, recently made waves on social media when a Reddit user, u/FlipDemStocks, shared a hilarious experience with a cake request gone awry.

Reddit user Stephen Walker (AKA u/FlipDemStocks on the platform) revealed how his simple request for a white half-sheet cake with no writing or designs turned into a comedy of compliance from the Costco cake artist.

“Costco will give you exactly what you know you didn’t need,” Walker wrote in his original post.

He included three images, telling his story in three parts. The first image shows his special order cake form, which included a note to “please see [the] back” of the form. The second image shows a simple drawing a cake shape, with specific instructions for “no writing,” “no designs,” and red frosting only on the perimeter of the top and bottom.

“I used a black pen to draw a quick sketch of what I thought a cake would look like,” Walker told He then grabbed his young daughter’s red magic marker to draw the red border. “I was like, ‘I got directions and a little illustration here. They can’t mess this up. Right?’”

Costco will give you exactly what you know you didn’t need.
by u/FlipDemStocks in funny

But Costco’s cake artist took Walker’s request too literally and recreated his drawing with black frosting lines and red frosting on the perimeter, resulting in a cake that looked exactly like the original sketch, flawed perspective and all.

The Reddit post quickly went viral, with thousands of people reacting to the hilarious cake mishap.


Commenters praised the Costco cake artist for following directions to the letter, even if the result wasn’t what Walker intended. Some dubbed it a “task failed successfully,” while others marveled at the attention to detail, including the transfer of the flawed perspective and two-tone frosting.

Walker said the cake was for his daughter’s third birthday celebration. “My wife took care of all of the other planning activities and decorations and all that, so I was like, ‘All right, I’m in charge of the cake. I can’t screw this up. Right?’”

Despite the mishap, Walker took it in stride. He’s even considering making the hilarious cake into a tradition of sorts.

“Maybe next year what I’ll do is I’ll just send the photo of the picture I took of the cake with my shadow in the background and send it to the same bakery, and ask, ‘Can you print this up as a cake topper?’” Walker said. “That’ll just be the cake topper, and I’ll just take a picture every year. So it’s like, a picture of a picture of a picture, like ‘Inception.’”

Source: TODAY

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