Hollywood dermatologist bombarded by calls from celebrity clients about their botox


  • A celebrity dermatologist said he receives dozens of daily calls from clients concerned about their botox and fillers.
  • Some big names who are Dr. Harold Lancer’s patients include Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Victoria Beckham.
  • These celebrities are worried about their looks because the lockdown keeps them from visiting Dr. Lancer.

Botox and fillers, no matter how well they’re applied, only last for four months. With the coronavirus lockdown keeping people at home, calls from worried clients are flooding Hollywood’s skincare guru about help maintaining their looks.

“I’m getting around 20-45 calls a day coming through to my nurses for a variety of cosmetic and medical issues,” said Dr. Lancer. “The majority of my clients are high-profile people, whether in entertainment or politics and they require a lot of care, but most of the people I see are extremely disciplined about home skin care. It’s about ensuring care when you can’t see patients for long spurts of time.”

Dr. Harold Lancer is a well-known dermatologist, with many high-profile clients from both entertainment and politics that need “a lot of care”. Some big names on his client list including Beyonce, Kim Kardashian West, and Victoria Beckham. The doctor says that he’s getting about 20-45 calls daily through his nurses covering a “variety of cosmetic and medical issues.”

He voluntarily closed his practice after a client visited his office on March 17, after they arrived from Italy- a hotbed of the virus.

He says many of his clients are “extremely disciplined” when it comes to caring for their skin at home. His main concern is ensuring care for his clients with the lockdown keeping him from seeing patients for long periods of time.

He describes Beckham’s skincare regimen as “military”. “She’s the poster child for discipline, avoiding craziness and temptation.”

Dr. Lancer said that sometime during the first two weeks of the lockdown, he received several photographs on his cellphone from an entertainment attorney. A young woman, a patient of the doctor since law school, received first- and second-degree burns after she applied a home freshening peel. It took about 12 days of phone calls, photos, and delivering medication to repair the damage to her face.

Dr. Lancer warns that you shouldn’t go looking for “a quick and relatively less expensive fix” because that can lead to trouble.

Source: Page Six

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