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Hot Rod: Car Enthusiast Turns Sedan Into Flamethrower [Video]




  • A Russian car enthusiast turned a sedan into the word’s first flamethrower car.
  • The man aptly named the fire-breathing vehicle Dragon.
  • Video of the car went viral.

A Russian car enthusiast modified a Soviet-era sedan into the world’s first flamethrower car.

Vaga, on Instagram as ‘vaga_adrenalin,’ is based in Krasnodar. He claims the fiery invention is the first of its kind. Vaga aptly named the fire-breathing vehicle Dragon.

A now-viral video shows Dragon’s first test run. In the footage, streams of fire jet out from the modified Lada’s headlight alcoves. It’s an impressive stunt that would probably make the Batmobile jealous.

Now our only question is, has anyone used it to make smores yet?

Source: Yahoo

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