Giant tooth found on South Carolina beach


  • Photo of a humongous tooth that’s almost as big as a hand sparks speculations on what creature it belonged to.
  • The giant tooth was found near the shoreline of Hunting Island in South Carolina.
  • There have been recent megalodon teeth finds in North and South Carolina and Mexico.

As a child, when you lose a tooth, you keep it under your pillow and the Tooth Fairy pays you for it, right? Now the question is, how much will Missy Tracewell get for a massive tooth? 

Missy Tracewell was walking on the beach at Hunting Island, South Carolina when she found a tooth that was mostly buried, in a water-filled hole near the shoreline.

Tracewell said, “I pick it up, and I stand up, and I’m so shocked that I have it in my hand … that I dropped it on the sand. I’m screaming, and I’m just like a 5-year-old, jumping up and down and I was crying, ‘I cannot believe this. Oh my God I just found a megalodon tooth.’”

She says the darkened tooth was the biggest that she has ever found as it covers much of her hand.  It has been darkened over time but she thinks, “It’s beautiful.”

Although she still has to verify with an expert whether she indeed found a megalodon tooth, netizens on social media who saw her photo on a Facebook post are debating on what animal did the tooth belongs to.

One user wrote, “I would hate to meet face to face the mouth that it came out of. It had to be a big shark.”

Another said, “Man I’m SO jealous!! I’m here at Hunting Island right now and I’ve found about 48 smaller teeth so far but I’ve never found any that big. I’m so so so jealous.”

Tracewell thinks it’s a megalodon tooth and some agree that it is.

Megalodons are a species of sharks that are nearly 60 feet in length, and are called monsters of the deep.  They became extinct millions of years ago and according to researchers they have typically large teeth bigger than a human hand.   

Megalodon or otodus megalodon, means “big tooth.”

There have been recent finds of megalodon teeth in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Mexico. 

Source: Fox News

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