Husband and wife attempting to escape from North Korea killed by firing squad


  • A couple was caught trying to flee North Korea and was executed by firing squad after confessing escape plans.
  • The husband and wife reportedly planned to leave North Korea in an attempt to bring their nephew to his father, who was in South Korea.
  • Sources say the story has spread across regions of Ryanggang, and people are outraged with the authorities since it happened amidst the coronavirus crisis.   

According to a report, a married couple trying to flee North Korea along with their 14-year-old nephew was shot by firing squad following their capture.

Reliable sources told Radio Free Asia that the couple was from Ryanggang province nearby China, and they were attempting to leave earlier this month despite the nation’s strict coronavirus isolation measures.

According to the report, the couple was believed to be in their 50s. They were making an effort to bring back their teen nephew to his father,  who was currently staying in South Korea.

An anonymous source from Ryanggang told the media outlet that the father of the couple’s nephew has previously requested his sister to bring the child to him.  

But since the security at the borders has been on a high alert because of the country’s COVID-19 pandemic measures, any attempt to flee has been tremendously risky to do.

The report added that the husband and wife confessed their transgressions after undergoing torture. An execution by firing squad ensues while their nephew was saved from the punishment due to young age.

The source further said that under the supreme leader’s orders, any attempt by anyone to flee the Hermit kingdom during the crisis must be severely punished, adding that there’s no way for the husband and wife to be pardoned from firing squad because they made an attempt to go to South Korea.

The outlet also reported that they received a confirmation about the incident from another Ryanggang resident, saying that the story has been spreading around the province through verbal communication.

Another source said that as the news extents around the region, more and more people get angry with the authorities, saying that nothing is wrong in attempting to leave North Korea, mainly when it’s a difficult time during the coronavirus outbreak.

While North Korean authorities claim that the COVID-19 pandemic has been contained, specialists have repeatedly expressed suspicions and believed that the country’s dictator,  Kim Jong Un, has been avoiding public appearance so the coronavirus will not infect him.

Source: New York Post

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