Idaho woman yanks her dog’s attacker, comes face to face with a mountain lion


  • Attempting to break up a fight between her dog and another canine, a woman in Idaho was horrified to see that what she was pulling off from her dog isn’t another dog but a juvenile mountain lion.
  • Immediately, the woman called for her husband who came to the rescue and shot the lion.
  • The carcass was sent to the Wildlife and Health Laboratory to check if disease caused the animal’s behavior.

A woman in Idaho thought she was breaking up a dog fight between her dog and another canine; only to realize that she was holding and pulling a 35-pound juvenile mountain lion off her dog.

According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG), the unnamed woman was able to control both her dog and the lion while yelling for her husband to get a gun. Her husband who was inside their home during the attack shot the wild animal as his wife restrained it.

In a statement, the IDFG related that after the husband shot the mountain lion, local authorities were immediately called. Within 30 minutes of the incident, a Fish and Game officer arrived, retrieved the lion carcass and brought it to the Wildlife Health and Forensic Laboratory to test if disease may have contributed to the lion’s behavior.

Although the woman and the dog sustained some scratches during the incident, the injuries are not found to be serious in nature.

So far, this is the third incident reported in January of dogs being attacked by a mountain lion, although the dogs died from the attack in the other 2 incidents. In addition, no incidents yet of a mountain lion killing a person in the state have been recorded by the IDFG.

The Idaho incident occurred after a man was attacked by a young mountain lion while jogging on a trail in Colorado. Breaking free from the wild animal, the jogger was able to kill it by suffocation.

Mountain lion attacks on humans are extremely rare, according to wildlife officials. In more than a century, there have been only 20 deaths in North America and only three fatalities in Colorado since 1990.


Source: Global News

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