IKEA Name The Street Contest Might Have Backfired On Them

IKEA ‘Name The Street Contest’ Might Have Backfired

  • IKEA’s new store location in Valladolid, Spain launched a “name the street” contest.
  • From more than a thousand entries, “I’m Missing a Screw Street” won.
  • Voters of the poll might have experienced looking for a missing screw on an assemble-yourself IKEA product.

Swedish functional home furnishing products company IKEA came out with a “name the street outside” contest in its new Spanish location in Valladolid.

As the company owns the land where the store is at, they sought the help of the public to name the street. 

The online poll garnered more than a thousand suggestions but one name garnered 54% of the votes and won: Calle Me Falta un Tornillo, or “I’m Missing a Screw Street.”

It can be recalled that a similar public-relations stunt happened in 2018 in Britain when voters were also asked to suggest a name for a new $290 million polar research vessel. Boaty McBoatface won hands down in the search. It was later renamed to RRS Sir David Attenborough, after the veteran BBC naturalist.

Whether IKEA will later rename it or not like Boaty McBoatface, the company is taking the winning name in stride.

According to a company spokesperson, “We wanted to make our arrival here more special, involving its people and making them part of our identity in Valladolid, always with a touch of humor, which defines our style.”

IKEA’s famous ready-to-assemble products can occasionally be missing a screw or two in its packaging, hence the popularity of the screwy moniker.

Although the other name suggestions also referred to the functional furniture that the company makes, such as “Hug on the Couch Street” and “There’s No Place Like Home Street,” it did not gather that much attention.

As part of the contest, IKEA also raffled off 10 personalized plaque reproductions of the winning street name.

Aside from IKEA, along Calle Me Falta un Tornillo is a shopping center that houses other big-name stores such as H&M, Apple, and Primark.

Source: New York Post

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