In the belief that they’ll turn into Spider-Man, 3 young brothers let black widow bite them


  • Three kids in Bolivia let themselves be bitten by a black widow, thinking that they would become Spider-Man.
  • Officials of the Ministry of Health confirmed the biting incident during a coronavirus briefing on Saturday.
  • The National Graphic reports that black widows are one of the deadliest spiders globally and in North America.

According to health officials, three young brothers from Bolivia were admitted to a hospital after a black widow spider bite them, as they have intended,  believing that it would turn them into Spider-Man.

According to Telemundo, the  Ministry of Health official announced during a COVID-19 presser on  Saturday, that siblings who love Marvel,  with ages 12, 10, and 8, saw the spider while shepherding goats in Chayanta.

Expecting that the creature would give them super human-like powers, they poked it with a stick until the spider bit each of them as a retort, according to reports by an official, Virgilio Pietro.

Telemundo reported that the kid’s mother found them crying, and immediately took them to a nearby clinic,  which relocated them to a bigger hospital.

The Peter Parker would-bes were then transferred for the third time, and they were moved to a Children’s Hospital in La Paz the following day, but they were suffering from tremors,  fevers, and muscle pains, says the report.

The outlet said that the treatment lasted for almost a week after the spider biting incident, and they were cleared last Wednesday.

Pietro also told Telemundo that he made the incident known so that parents would be aware of the scenario with kids hooked on movies, saying that children perceived the films to be real.

According to the National Graphic, black widows are one of the most vicious spiders in the world and one of the deadliest in North America with venom at around 15 times more poisonous than that of a rattlesnake.

The network also says that although the black widow’s bites are not typically fatal, children are amongst the most susceptible, as well as older people and those with health conditions.

The National Geographic added that these spiders are not hostile and react by biting only in self-defense.

Source: New York Post

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